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    Leyland Cypress

Virginia Pine

Eastern Red Cedar

Carolina Sapphire

Leyland Cypress - Doesn't Shed.  Incredibly long-lasting .

Fast becoming the new Southern tradition in Christmas trees.

This tree is a hybrid of Monterey cypress and Alaskan cedar.  The shoots branch repeatedly and have a contrasting mahogany color except at the tips. The trees have very little aroma.


Virginia Pine - Sturdy limbs, long-lasting, great pine scent.

The most popular Christmas Pine in the South.

The Virginia pine's needles occur in pairs. They are twisted and range from 1.5 to 3" in length. They are relatively short when compared to those of other pines.  Loblolly needles, by comparison, are from 4 to 9" long. The branches are stout and woody .  Great for heavy ornaments ***NONE AVAILABLE FOR 2016 SEASON***.


Red Cedar - A Southern Classic!  Beautiful with a great smell.

Not as long lasting as pines. Best cut 1 to 2 weeks before Christmas.

The branches of the eastern red cedar are compact and form a pyramidal crown. The cedar is dark shiny and green in color, but somewhat prickly ***NONE AVAILABLE FOR 2016 SEASON***.


Carolina Sapphire - Beautiful blue color and wonderfully aromatic and soft to the touch!

Longevity is similar to cedar ***NONE AVAILABLE FOR 2016 SEASON***.





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